Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Zarebski & Koza rock The Green Man Festival

After the dynamite set, Koza met some of his diehard fans

Concentrate you fool - Koza berates his idiot sidekick Zarebski

Another set completed - Koza heads of to the bar for his favourite Polish vodka - Teatowelski.
A blend of glacial vodka strained through old teatowels for 8 years.


Hanuman said...

Let me just say, I think Koza is great. His love of teatowels and festivals is an inspiriation to us all.

Where can I get some Kozite merchandise?


Jan Zarebski said...

He has hexed you for you previous insurrection against his honour.

Now, every time you close your eyes, his gaping maw will greet you.

Kill, Koza, Kill.