Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Meridian 2014

 Yes Helen House, Fizzy Wizzy Retail Park, Foreskin Terrace, Exacter, Debum.           12th – 5th Octember 2014

Last year Meridian ran Meridian 2013, this year in 2014, we are back with Meridian 2014, following one from last year’s runaway success story. Meridian defies categorisation making it the largest non-category gathering in the corporate calendar and this year, we’ve a packed programme of razors edge tips, seminars and talks, all designed to be constructed for the purpose intended for you.

Meridian – The line is crossed, look at it carefully and progress forward.

Agendatinery –

9.00 am – Meat and Greet – Cold cuts and tepid tea in the Excelsior Lounge (left at reception past the ball pit)
9.45 am Doodling in Meetings with Jez ‘Zany’ Timmings
9.46 am Laptop or Lapdog? – Defending your company from satire with  Larry Titz
10.30 Lunch
11.45 Up Yours Homo? Handling gay abandon in the office with Keith Cunt
12.00 Lunch
12.43 Afternoon session – ‘Following on from the Morning’, with Lesley Guff
1.00 Workspace breakout session, (Workspace provided, please bring session and breakout)
2.00 Yes or No, Question or Answer? The Choice, with Paul Shit
2.15 ‘Savagely Incomprehensible Waste’ – An alternative look at global business with Jed Yatton
3.00 Inter Gesturational Linguistic Data Sorting – Can we communicate at all? With Jan Dickwad
3.00 ‘Fuck off Lounge’ relaxation session with Kim Natterfuck
3.00 Coffee

4.30 Tea and Close

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